Tsukiji Outer Market:Tsukiji Outer Market is still a fantastic area with a full of old charm. If you visit here, you are able to discover a fish related culture. The fish market has moved to a different area of Tokyo, but many of the people who have been long running stores, which were originally located in this place, stayed to keep the area vibrant. I would recommend coming here early in the morning to enjoy a donburi breakfast bowl, or king crabs or scallops flame-grilled on the spot. Tsukiji is a great place to try the freshest selection of seafood and possibly the best sushi in town, so be sure not to miss out on this on your next trip to Tokyo. For the latest information, please see the website, etc., of each local authority/facility.

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Cells with an electrosprayed cathode catalyst layer show lower degradation rates during the first 100 cycles, compared with those of a conventional gas diffusion electrode. This difference in behavior is attributed to the high hydrophobicity of the electrosprayed catalyst layer microstructure, which retards the kinetics of corrosion of the carbon support. In the long term, however, the degradation rate is dominated by the Pt/C ratio in the cathode catalyst layer. Transient flowrate methodology is explained and validation measurements are detailed.

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