The answer to the “what has an eye but cannot see” riddle is a needle. The riddle wasn’t designed to be an analysis of the English language, or a critical look on how we name our children. You don’t know the name of the person who stole your wallet, so you use ‘someone’ as a place holder name. However, the answer to the riddle misunderstands how name’s and the English Language works.

So, we have explained the puzzle and provided the answers inside. In the description of the question, it is written sharksnado as someone’s mom means the name of a person. Likewise, some people have called their children “West”.

Some of you say that what may also be the answer. But what I think is the way the question is framed in the first sentence itself makes it obvious. You might remember the past “viral” riddle that circulated on Facebook, Your Parents are at the Door.

The obvious answer would be the name of the fourth son is, West. The answer seeker is looking for a YES or NO, not the name of the fourth son. In the description of the question, it says as someone’s mom indicates the name of a person. Someone’s mom has 4 sons named north, west, south.

The question is a common riddle based on the mathematical topic called ‘sequences’. Thus, it calls that one neglects the use of logic as English requires. Since someone’s mother has four sons, North, West, and South, the name of the fourth son is someone. The correct answer is ‘someone’.