Channels are formed in a rear portion of snowshoe which, together with the convex flotation plate and side bars , enhance forward tracking guidance as well as provide additional rigidity to the somewhat flexible flotation plate . The binding includes straps and a one piece fabric foot wrap . Mountain Safety Research, or MSR, is a producer of camping, hiking and mountaineering equipment, such as portable stoves, water filters, snowshoes, and tents. While specializing in lightweight and technical equipment, MSR’s gear is designed for a wide range of outdoor enthusiasts from novice to expert mountaineers. It is located in Seattle, Washington and owned by Cascade Designs. Today, snowshoes are most commonly used for recreation and by mountaineers to facilitate winter access to remote backcountry locations.

WildBounds is 100% independent and British-owned and operated. I run ‘The Peoples’ Archive’ and all the material I offer is open content…aka free. Consequently, when I speak of investing, your return on investment is love for the preservation of history, which is the same payment I get for my work. Small Gauge Film Archive has a collection of thousands of reels measuring in the millions of feet of film. While I have silent scanning equipment, sound 16mm scanners are out of my reach due to cost. The company’s line of business includes the manufacturing of sporting and athletic goods.

For the most part, our first iteration seemed to function well. It was like any other payment form but just in a popup instead of a new page. In the old version, there was also a feed that showed everything that happened related to the fundraiser, but while interesting, it really wasn’t relevant to the fundraiser’s goals. In the final design, we instead show information on contributors, highlighting contributions in an appreciative gesture. Beyond that, we also decided we wanted to make the donating process shorter and easier than in competing fundraising platforms.

The purpose of the video series was to provide a specific planning resource that could be used in the ‘active trip-planning’ phase of trip preparations. The videos aimed to provide highly engaging content utilising techniques such as animations, 3D mapping and drone footage. Accordingly, there is a need for an improved snowshoe which addresses the limitations and challenges facing snowshoe designers. ASAP 360 Unlimited is owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor LLC, one of the leading independent distributor for the aerospace, marine, and commercial industries. With an inventory of over three billion parts sourced 02275, 11778, 11780, 11782, from well-known manufacturerMountain Safety Research Inc. We are always ready to fulfill the procurement needs of our customers.

Gearshop offers a complete range of msr products in new zealand. Details about lifetiem fitness msr military denali snowshoes w/ extensions see original listing. The snowshoe of claim 3, further comprising pivotable means for providing traction wherein said pivotable means includes attachment means for attachment to said first and second side bars. The snowshoe of claim 1, wherein said lower surface of said flotation means has a convex profile. A Mummery tent is a small, lightweight tent designed and used by Albert Frederick Mummery in the 1880s and named after him. Fred Mummery (1855–1895) was an English pioneer in alpine climbing, making many first ascents, and he developed this type of tent for his lightweight expeditions.

Their first product innovation was the self-inflating camping mattress, marketed as Therm-a-Rest. In 2015, Cascade Designs moved 1/5 of its workforce to Reno to take advantage of lower wages. The Mountaineers is an alpine club serving the state of Washington. Founded in 1906, it is organized as an outdoor recreation, education, and conservation 501 nonprofit, and is based in Seattle, Washington. The Mountaineers host a wide range of outdoor activities, primarily alpine mountain climbing and hikes.