They are meant to provide solo means of getting MR Arena Coins for players who’ve reached the Guiding Lands, hopefully in a more enjoyable manner. Further, once players have acquired the rare coin, it can be used to purchase a couple of different weapon and armor sets, which can be seen below, and only requires one coin. The Drachen Armor Set is one of the best you can craft in High Rank, but it is also one of the hardest to attain. It requires taking down Behemoth monsters, which are no walk in the park.

It will give you a bonus of Bludgeoner and a whole Lv. 4 Non-Elemental Boost, which is why users of non-elemental weapons should consider using this armor. A major piece of the gameplay in Monster Hunter World is the creation of different types of armor to protect you while fighting monsters. They require a variety of crafting materials that involve killing multiple monsters, usually with the help of a friend or two. Some players are constantly searching for the best armor out there, but this is a misleading assumption on their part. This guide explains exactly how to build the best armor sets in Monster Hunter World.

There are players who reported to have found Ace Hunter Coins in Arena 04 as well. The remaining two materials — Barioth and Rajang coins — can be obtained from these quests as well. You’ll find the Sakura questline at the Arena Counter in the Gathering Hub — it’s listed under the Challenges heading. The only requirement is being Hunter Rank 12 or higher.

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Before we can talk how where to find the Hero King Coin, we want to talk about what the coin does. The Hero King Coin is a master rank item that is required for two armor sets and five weapons, and can only be obtained in master rank quests. Essentially, the Hero King Coin is rewarded to those who complete challenging arena quests. Do various high rank challenge quests and you’ll get guaranteed king coins. Monster Hunter Risetends to be pretty straightforward with its materials.

That does not mean Deviljhos are weak though, they are one of the few monsters that can go toe to toe with an Elder Dragon. Deviljho and Rajang aren’t the only monsters that are « Elder Dragon golden coin kalihi level threat » in the series. Elder Dragons are the most powerful monsters in the world of Monster Hunter. Any discussion about the strongest monster is inevitably dominated by Elders.

The classification of Elder is marked by the ability to cause major damage to an ecosystem. Most of the pieces can be acquired by hunting down the Anjanath, a Brute Wyvern located in the Ancient Forest and Wildspire Waste. You should now get at least 2 of each coin per run, with the potential of getting more depending on RNG. Added Ebony Odo to “Chasing the Shadow” to account for the missing Odo coins.

Complete the quest 50 Shades of White; where you hunt a Barioth to get the Fest Ticket; this unlocks the Guild Palace Weapon. Two ticket is need per weapon and the upgrade needs a single king coin . This is another armor set that is great for ranged builds, especially when facing ice and water monsters.