I don’t trust the platform anymore. I felt if the demand was shown for by users and our community as well as by a representative that the time frame for COSS to reinstate support could be shortened or at least clarified. I’m sure you’re aware can bearded dragons eat celery that COSS went offline back in January 7th 2020. The exchange is now back with limited functionality. COSS currently does not support . The old network KIN does not exist anymore, all Stellar based KIN automatically migrated to Solana.

Sorry you to biased pro kin, yes a lot potential is there. But think about in October the SEC made its decsiion and we have not seen a single new listing not even a 2nd or 3rd tier exchanges. What does that tell you either there were no talks held or all talks did not go well.

Other blockchains like Solana and BSC will make the race. This is not a “get rich quick” project. If it succeeds, it might make some people rich, but that will only be after lots of time and hard work. Remember, if KIN goes up in value, it will be from USE not from speculation.

They are doing private VIP only AMAs for their largest token holders. Huge amounts (20% of the market cap) were unstaked before they publicly released this info. They have locked the swipe reddit and ban anyone on TG that says anything negative. There’s a hidden 1% fee for spending crypto and they just eliminated spending fiat and stablecoins. Crypto.com has already solana on their mobile wallet app with already over 10 million downloads. Just remember that 1) Price drives market cap, not the other way around, and 2) anything can happen.

Even $0.01 would be a joyous occasion, wouldn’t it? And I see that happening quite soon… As do you all, else you wouldn’t be here.

The absolute easiest way is to open a wallet on bancor using a chat app, send ETH to it and buy directly on bancor. Transfer it to an address created using the atomic wallet. This wallet gives you your private keys which is you need for this migration. I’m just trying to provide the simplest way to purchase Kin. Plus it forces the purchaser to put it in a wallet they control. Takes away that last step to withdraw from whatever exchange you buy it from.

You need to send Stellar over to trade for the Kin, but it’s simply designed and typically has decent volume. If you’re new to the entire crypto world, please diversify what you invest in. If you put 100% of what you’re willing to invest into KIN you’d be a complete mad man. others have given advice on how to purchase but please consider spreading your investment. Yes, Withdrawals are disabled because of the migration, which is tomorrow. When your KIN is unlocked from the exchange it will then be the migrated KIN 4.

We have some Canadian with an evolving plan and some guys with websites and apps NO one in America has ever heard of and on that we are to base our future expectations. Ok.You do that but don’t expect people to ignore the cold hard numbers for your pie in the sky fantasy about the current state of development. This is not NASA and we are not building a rocket. The only problem I have had with COSS is their rebuilding of their platform. During the downtime they cancelled a limit order for Kin and it would have filled really low.

No one knows why, but everyone either assumes it’s part of an SEC thing or they are waiting for Kin to be closer to full done and released/out of beta crypto stage. If there are discussions that you would like to hold around KIN but are not suited for this reddit feel free to join kinium.org to do so. It is my trading stash and luckily most of my Kin is on my ledger. I don’t know when I have access to my wallet but I take my loss from the new Coss exchange.

Hey guys I just stumbled across kin as I am quite new to the crypto world. It seems as though there is more to buying this coin then just to purchase. I was going to buy XLM on newton, send to atomic and then transfer XLM to KIN. What else should I have to worry about after purchasing? I’m seeing a lot about a migration but dont understand the meaning. Actually it is price, which is established by people buying and selling on exchanges, multiplied by circulating supply that gives us market cap.