The goal then becomes winning 82 games and ending the streak, and if it comes to that, they are going to be seriously challenged to do so, Twenty-eight games left to play, and they now need to go in those games. If you told me a month ago that winning a minimum of 82 games would be a challenge for this team, I’d have said you were crazy, but, now, well, I’m the one saying it.. Actually that is only correct if one take a parochial American view. Plenty of soccer leagues around the world do just that for the World Cup every four years.

So, could this 2021 team be as bad as the 2010 Pirates? Right now, however, based on personnel, your final score is in favor of 2021, with 2010’s only clear advantage being pop smoke im feeling horny in the outfield. The current Pirates don’t have a full-time left fielder. Bryan Reynolds started the season there. Had he stayed, 2021 would probably have the edge.

I’m not defending DeMaro, and I think his shtick doesn’t lend itself well to investigatory journalism. However, most fans, whether at the stadium or in their own homes, really aren’t concerned with who broke what. We respect and understand the responsibility of investigatory journalism, but we weren’t keeping a tally of who had the correct story first. I think the blogosphere took that same stance when reading about media members arguing over scoops. I still find it pretty exciting to be working in what you call “the newspaper game.” There’s a different challenge almost daily.

Or the excellent VCU men’s basketball team, which has been doing it for four years (one year before the Pirates were outed as ‘idiots’). Or any of these other teams listed on this company called Seal Team PT’s website that specializes in training of young men and women. Some websites attract people who like statistical analysis. Some cater to those that just like to rant and rave. Some charge you money each month to read their “insider” opinions.

This is a story of mammouth proportions involving a heinous crime, a possible coverup, a major university and one of the most famous and venerable athletic personalities in the country. This story made local and national media hail the Pirates as visionaries for finding the next great advantage that all small-revenue teams must exploit. ” email from Kyle Stark painted him as a crazy loon. Dejan Kovacevic rode the story into the ground while he was on his campaign to embarrass Neal Huntington and shame Bob Nutting into action. Naturally the national media picked up on it and started to wag fingers also, anything to pile on. And some media outlets channel the collective mood of a fanbase at a certain point in time and foment that emotional state in their writing and reporting.