Tap Begin Import once you choose your CSV file to import the deck to Anki. The default deck can’t be deleted, but you can select it in the Browse screen to delete all cards in it, and then it will disappear from the deck list in the main screen. AnkiMobile will automatically create backups of your collection for you. The backups include all your cards and statistics, but do not include sounds or images, since they take up a lot of space. The preferences screen can be accessed by tapping on the gear icon at the top right of the deck list.

Turning off bury related…​ will prevent Anki from burying siblings, and instead Anki will just try to avoid showing siblings directly after one another in the same session. For this to work, your new cards/day setting needs to be large enough for the cards of multiple notes to be included. My avalanche was only almost 400 and I ripped through them with the black button on anki – didn’t waste too much time admitting defeat nor thinking as hard as learning anew. Fear not, you can catch up and get back to normal.

I don’t use the load balancer plugin, which from what you said appears to override the interval options. Not really sure what to say, but maybe try editing the addon. Also, periodically, you’ll want to run the Reset Ease addon from Anki on your desktop, in order to fix the ease becoming can you see the cat woman with broom answer messed up from lapsed cards. We delve into CSS here, but it is really really simple CSS, if you want to learn more about it go here. Otherwise, I’ll just tell you exactly what you need to do to change the colors of the text for your review count, new count, and deck name.

A couple of hours now could save you a lot of pain and relearning time. Sometimes you may want to “reset” part of your collection so that the cards become new again and the scheduling algorithm starts from the beginning. You could do, say, 100 old reviews/day and no new cards. You’ll have forgotten a lot of them, meaning you’ll get a lot of cards wrong. Cards you get wrong and hit “Again” on will have their intervals be reset.

If you get up to a couple of days and you use Anki more than lightly, you probably won’t be able to get through the entire backlog in one sitting, or even one day. Locate the Import from folder option on the Anki Desktop. Now, select the folder to import the deck from and hit Import. That’s all, the new decks will be imported into Anki.

The app boasts of the fact that the advanced algorithm used in the app was developed by an ex-neuroscientist. The AI remembers your weak areas and repeatedly confronts you with those flashcards by prioritizing them over the ones you are good at–helping you study stuff you aren’t confident in. Suppose you have 50 unseen cards, and you have it set to show you 5 new cards every day, and energy for about 10 reviews. I don’t see that there’s any difference in responding “Again” to an expired card vs reclassing that card as new. When I’m catching back up on an old deck I just turn new card off and limit my reviews until I’ve worked through the backlog this way.

Once you click on a deck, you will see the data for that particular deck. At the bottom of the screen, you can locate the Review option to revisit the flashcards you might have missed and start the practice once again. If you accidentally imported the review history of someone else, because they shared their deck with scheduling, you can use the following add-on to remove the history of cards you have selected.

You can change 15 to a different number to adjust the number of backups. The backup is taken in the background when you return to your device’s home screen, or switch to another app. A backup will only happen if more than an hour has elapsed since the last time a backup was created. To ensure swipes don’t interfere with your ability to scroll on a large card or select text, a swipe must begin from the far left or right side of the screen.

Whether to show the card counts when the question side of a card is being shown. Allows you to customize what happens when you shake your device. The default action is to undo the previous answer. You don’t need to mess around with the settings too much, but here’s what I do. Before creating cards, we have to create a Deck first. Log In to add custom notes to this or any other game.