In order to move around, you need to tap on your character. Drag your character to the location you need them to be in order to finish the task. Once they are where you want them to be, just release them. You know you have picked them up when you see the white circle underneath them. For example, you want your character to pick up some trash on the ground.

If a person is ill, just pick them up and drop them in an open space, like the hallway. Drop them enough times and they will tell you their symptoms. The first illness you are likely to encounter is hiccups, which can be cured by dropping them on the bathroom or kitchen sink for a drink of water. A more thorough discussion of illnesses and their treatments will be in Breakdown section of the walkthrough. When you enter the game, watch your little people carefully.

I am in the second generation, and with this age difference, my 1st generation had 4 kids, the… Is there any way to rename the children/adults in the pc version or is it just on the 7.75 vs 8 skateboard iPad? When they’re done preparing the cinnamon, drop them on the orange object by the trash bins. They will take it to the workshop to finish the spray (but don’t bother them).

There are easy trophies for praising certain behaviors, like pulling a weed or making a meal. Drop a person on a weed to pull it, then praise them for it. Drop a person on the kitchen table to start making a meal, then praise them for it. Collectibles sell for a range from 5 to 50 coins depending on the kind. As a last resort, you can purchase coins through the app store for real money, ranging in price from $0.99 to $99.99. Virtual Families 2 on iPhone is a simulation game where you adopt a little person and then help them choose a husband or wife and start their virtual family.

It’s a good idea to select someone who makes a decent salary and with money in the bank. When you’ve moved onto bigger and better decor, you can easily sell your old furniture by simply dragging it out to the street by the gate at the front of the house. Baby boost will simply increase the chances of having a baby. Our Virtual Families 2 Walkthrough will help you raise generation after generation of healthy, happy, and successful families. Here, you’ll find tons of helpful tips, hints, and answers to all your questions about this exciting addition to the Virtual Families’ franchise.

Once done, you can put villagers to work on the crafting hut and reconstruct it. You can easily find the crafting hut next to the dying tree. Click for details For the end of the summer Rinnogogo created a thematic game, a bit nostalgic, but sweet and fragile as their other games. Another blue moon night is here and you need to find your way out from Room’s Room’s Summer festival.

Your virtual adoptees will either be working in the workshop, in the kitchen, or in the office. If you’re not sure where your adoptee is supposed to work, just try dropping your adopting in the different working areas. The day/night cycle is the single most crucial aspect of the game. Virtual Families plays out in real-time, meaning life will go on in your house even when your close the game or turn your computer off. If you open the game at 8pm for instance, it will be dark outside of your family’s home.

I bought all the VV series and the first VF and have been rather disappointed with the wait. This update brings pets to the gameplay, along with some bug fixes like the interest rate bug. “Advanced Career Training” can be used to jump a person one level in their career path. The price for this one goes up the higher the level of the person it is used on.

The problem with the perfect match goal is simple, there are over 130 careers in the game, so the odds of finding 2 people with the same career are pretty slim. As for the triplets, it is completely random and all you can do is keep trying. When you see someone wandering around the office and touching stuff, they are trying to work. If they shake their heads, then the work cycle did not complete and they didn’t earn any money. You will see this a lot when they are in the early stages of their careers. Don’t panic, the requests may still come, they are random events.