Any more is overwhelming and any less can look funny with a single icon being used. To add a link to your social media profile, you will want to click the icon, and then hit the chain button to add a hyperlink to the site. Social media icons are aplenty! We ourselves have a collection of more than 2k+ social media icons in various styles and formats. To add a social media icon, follow these simple steps.

In addition, the different designs include many creative ways to incorporate social icons into your email signature. To link your social media daniel oppel’s free social media icons profile to the icon, click on the icon and then hit the chain button. This will allow you to add a hyperlink to the social media profile.

Linking to employee’s accounts may be more tricky because they are unfiltered and anything can be posted to these accounts. The employee may not always be thinking about representing their company with what they say online. There are many more of them and often they change based on the industries and interests of your customers. Feel free to include others that you are active on! That said, we try to recommend linking to 2-5 of your social media profiles.

So, how to add social media icons to your Gmail email signature? Here we introduce two ways to do this. First, the one we highly recommend is to use the professional email signature generator Newoldstamp. Using it, you will access free social media icons for email signature of more than 200 social platforms. You can manipulate with icons making your design perfect by varying the colors and the size.

Also, it would be great, if you could share the steps to put images in signature box. Since you can update email signatures so easily, you can include all the latest news and invite recipients to interact with you by using social media icons. You can also include your up-to-date Tweets or RSS posts automatically in each signature.

It is easy to include social media links in email signatures but adding official social media icons looks so much more professional. Once selected and downloaded all the social media icons you want to add to your email signature, it’s time you upload each of those to an You can use other services such as or So, have you ever been trying to find how to feature social media icons to Gmail signature?

In Newoldstamp, there are more than 200 social icons available for using and editing. They are free for anyone or any company who needs to use them. Their brand logos belong to the companies not to us. Therefore, including social media links in your email signature has become a common practice. And using social media icons for your email signature comes across as simple, professional, and uncluttered. Here’s why businesses have started adding social media icons to their email signatures as well as how to do it.