The weapon skills of Dolf are dealing with massive damage to the arena. Elvira with projectiles dealing with the most incredible damage and ignoring her terrain in the game. Her special abilities are inflicting the airborne within her cast.

The dark resistance on this hero is debuffing from the passive of exclusive weapons that the dark team will only utilize. Marvin is the strongest special ability hero, and he is a solid counter on the marina. You will only need two usages with the skill of exclusive weapon on Marvin for a chain start. But when there are more walls on a map, Marvin is harder on playing with the full potentials. There is a long cooldown on the exclusive weapon skills, and he is harder on landing on the arena. Karina has low survivability on her special abilities because of the low HP and defence.

And those are allowing her to become nuke on the chain ability. The ranged party buffs hold by Elvira are working well within teams with some multiple DPS ranges. The exclusive passive weapon in this hero can be destructive at the colosseum, where AI doesn’t like to avoid it. Nari is penetrating the walls by her projectiles, and she is less dependent on becoming so performing through the arena maps. There is a special ability with Nari to perform 64% of defence with increasing survivability.

Eleanor is playing a beautiful melody to inflict damages to her opponents, and she is also restoring the HP of her allies. There is a low range of skill damage with her and a lower weapon skill damage. White beats are debuffing the enemies upon landing the skill of chain and gaining a 30% of damage boost whenever hit by what feature must be enabled to use multi channel funnels enemy less than 50% of health. He is dealing with good damage on enemies even he is getting controlled by the AI. There is only a short-range with this hero than other melee units, and he got low versatility. Elvira is facing difficulties when hitting the mobile enemies because she got the slowest speed on projectiles.

The normal attacks have a spin that deals with a lot of AOE damage on enemies who are being stacked together. Coco is a very squishy hero and got the lowest based defence on all the other heroes. She got the slowing movement speed, so she is vulnerable with her attacks, and Coco can’t kite her enemies. Three seconds of lasting invincibility is there with Catherine, and she is increasing the damage from dying on the special ability. Her chain skills are somewhat underwhelming unless you use them within a team that is leveraging the debuff of water resistance. You will see a slow weapon skill with clunky, which has a long cooldown, and Catherine’s party buff is not useful when she is not facing the range enemies.