That being said, Charles still Geasses her and the other students. Once again as opposed to the original series, flying Knightmares are grossly inferior to true aircraft, while transforming units (i.e. the Somerset) end up sacrificing much of the Knightmare Frame’s inherent strengths in order to fly to begin with. This is emphasized in the Megiddo version of the Wings of Talleyrand incident, which resulted in the aforementioned group being wiped out by Sutherlands and Gloucesters on the ground and Typhoon fighters in the air. On that note, variable Knightmare Frames like the aforementioned Tristan and Bradford are entirely absent.

In 2010atb, the Holy Britannian Empire invaded and conquered Japan stripping the nation and the people its culture, rights, and even their own name, naming the territory Area 11. Lelouch and his sister Nunnally see firsthand of the devastation their country and vows to one day fight against it and free the countries under Britannian control. Seven years later, Lelouch gets caught in between a battle with a resistance cell and the Britannian military where it leads him seeing an old friend and meeting the mysterious CC who grants the power of the king, the power known as Geass. With the help of his sister Nunnally and their friend Rai, Lelouch begins his fight against Britannia while gaining allies to ultimately free not only Japan but other countries from Britannia’s control. It’s for this explicit reason why Tohdoh decides not to interfere in the battle between Lelouch and Suzaku.

Good job and Kudos to you Cal Reflector for putting the effort into this work, you deserve the compliment for a job well done—Kodai Okuda. Lelouch does see Rolo as his little brother and cares for him, but he can’t forgive Rolo for killing Shirley, even noting his hatred for Rolo exceeds his love for him. Its why he wants to find Rolo so he can try and help him before he’s too far gone, and if that can’t be fixed or Rolo refuses to join him, wants to put Rolo down himself. A 17-year-old boy named Strider is one of the 40% of the powerless people that reside in the world of Remnant, filled to the brim with people who wield three types of po… There’s a bimbo virus going around, which only transforms you if you’re alone, or in a room with only infected people. So a room with five people all with the virus will be in their bimbo forms until someone else shows up, and new bimbos are created by a person learning about the affliction.

According to the Britannian Imperial Family character page, V.V.’s real name is revealed to be Victor zi Britannia in extra materials. Here, he is Alwyn, the legendary founder of Britannia and the Eildons. The Lancelot Grail, Vincent Gram and Gekka Alonso from Oz The Reflection are named Urien, Constantine and Akizuki respectively.

Instead of the Sword of Akasha and the World of C, the Megiddo edifice and spirit realm/collective unconscious are dubbed the Sword of Arawn and the Otherworld. Luciano’s Knightmare Maleagant is named after the villainous knight who’s best known for abducting Guinevere. Jackson, Longstreet and Stuart also seem to be based on Aigulle Delaz, Mu La Flaga and Murrue Ramius apiece. Johann is wflo obits this to Lelouch, due to being the only person besides Schneizel to beat him at chess. This is shown to be well-founded during the Battle of Xiaopei, where Johann, after becoming the first person to actually turn one of Lelouch’s miracles against him, nearly instigates Lelouch’s first real defeat since the Black Rebellion. Needless to say, they don’t last long against Kallen and Alfred.

Currently, it is ongoing, but because of the need for serious editing, I will be posting much cleaner versions here. The story is something that mixes in Code Geass and… So before I begin the actual story, I have a question for all you lovely people. (Also if you encounter any formatting issues in this thread I apologize, I’m new at this. Probably need to read the rule book or something). I plan on merging the Code Geass world with the Nasuverse. This makes him very valuable in the eyes of Peace Mark, and his existence could help upset the balance of power in Area 11.

It caused the Black Rebellion to fail, that much is true, but the long-term consequences make one question if it was really worth it. Some of the latter have even started families together. On top of that, forcibly enlisting the amnesiac Lelouch allowed him the chance to get stronger, gain more experience, and gain valuable inside secrets that only made him even more dangerous when he regained his memories and became Zero once again.

Responded with a bored tone then walked away from the small immortal. “She needs this Lelouch. She was created by the geass order with our blood and hasn’t been with a family since then,” Kallen pleaded softly, which is rare since she doesn’t like to beg for things. “We should have family time with A.A.,” Kallen suddenly suggested. What if Lelouch’s audience with the Emperor after his mother’s death went differently. Lelouch is sent to The Chinese Federation, where he is to marry Empress Tianzi (Wh…