Dirty DocksThe first box of cat food is in the area on the southern half of town with all the truck trailers. It is on the western edge of this area, next to a purple trailer. There, you should find one of the cat food batches up against a blue container near several stacked boxes of cat food with cartoon cat pictures on the boxes . At Dirty Docks, you’ll need to head towards the southern edge of Dirty Docks into the area with a bunch of colorful containers stacked on top of one another.

Most challenges for season 7 have been centered around the alien invasion. It’s a bit strange for players to be research on the effectiveness of psychotherapy indicates that sent out into the world to find cans of Cat Food. Regardless, the battle pass wants what the battle pass needs.

Though, you might have some trouble this week, as all of the challenges require you to visit specific, unmarked locations on the map. You’ll need to collect certain items and even talk to NPCs around the map this week, and doing so can be tricky.

One of these new legendary quests involves players collecting some vintage cat food cans around the island. There are two different locations where the vintage cat food can be found, and this guide will go over all of the details that lost Fortnite players need to know. Having to collect Fortnite cat food in Dirty Docks or Retail Row sounds like the sort of task we’d be set by Kit.

Retail RowThe first box of cat food is inside the large building on the northern edge of town. You can find it sitting against the back wall, opposite the registers. There are two named locations on the Fortnite map that have a stock of cat food for you to collect. So first things first, head over to Retail Row or Dirty Docks and put your boots on the ground. For both of these, you want to interact with the crates next to the large boxes of cat food in order to collect and complete the challenge. Check out our Fortnite guides and news page, where you can find alien artifact locations, or how to board the alien mothership and get rare loot.

Oddly, the Stinger SMG is most effective at medium range, but it’s still a useful option when an enemy gets too close. A fast-firing SMG with a tight spread, the Combat SMG is a strong option when you find yourself up close and personal with an enemy. Equipped with a red dot sight, players can use this at range to take down enemies, although it does have some powerful recoil that can be tough to control. While it’s now back, the decision proved so popular that Epic created specific Zero Build modes just for those who want a simpler Fortnite experience. Just when you think Epic Games can’t shake things up anymore, the team finds a way. Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2 brought the biggest change the game had ever seen by removing building entirely.