Young Cuban Americans in the Brigada Antonio Maceo travel to Cuba as an act of friendship and reconciliation. Explore the most popular destinations on the island, from the authentic colonial Havana, to Baracoa, the first village founded in Cuba in 1492.

Jorge Martinez and his team at Marazul were invaluable assets and collaborators in helping us to launch our first People-to-People kayaking & adventure tour in Cuba in the fall of 2015 and into the spring of 2016. By the end of our first season, we had succeeded in helping 250+ guests experience Cuba for the first time, and Marazul was critical to that success. We plan to send many more guests to Cuba next season and we look forward to partnering with Marazul in that effort once again.

Though the motive for this crime has not been established, it is believed that such incident could have been conducted in retaliation against Marazul proprietor Francisco Aruca. In the past, Mr. Aruca has supported various measures sponsored by the Cuban government. Mr. Aruca is perceived as a Cuban government collaborator by a large segment of the Cuban exile community. In addition, Marazul Charters Inc. was targeted for this sort of action in 1989 when two explosive devices were also thrown at a since closed business outlet. Despite the domestic political controversy, winning permission from Washington for the flights is considered the easy part of the equation, said John Kavulich II, president of the U.S.-Cuba Trade and Economic Council. ”From the U.S. side, if you meet the criteria, you cannot be denied.

Both her mother and father were involved in Cuba travel and the pursuit of the normalization of relations between the two countries since before the time she was born. She has filled just about every position at Marazul cinemonster blog since her start over 15 years ago, when she first personally fell in love with Cuba as a sixteen year old taking part in the World Youth Festival in Havana. However, her life has taken her in other directions as well.

Whether you are traveling with your family to visit your loved ones or you are a part of a delegation or licensed group, or individuals that fall within the 12 travel categories, we help you find the perfect accommodations in Cuba! Marazul offers expert advice and flexible reservations in any hotel in Cuba. Those were dangerous days in which any peaceful contact with Cuba inflamed militant exiles and could provoke a violent reprisal. Twelve Cuba travel agencies in Miami were attacked during the late 1970s and 1980s, and here in New York, a Cuban airplane was bombed at JFK.