Simon Kao is the son of Charles Kuen Kao.His father, Sir Charles Kuen Kao, was an electrical engineer and physicist. Please proceed reading the article to discover about Charles K. Kao Son. In 1966, Kao and Hockham submitted their first paper, ‘Dielectric fiber surface waveguides for optical frequencies, at a London meeting of the Institution of Electrical Engineers. In this paper, they proposed that fibers manufactured from ultra-pure glass could transmit mild for distances of kilometers with no total loss of signal.

Charles K Kao graduated from St. Joseph’s College’s auxiliary faculty in 1952. He earned a four-year degree in engineering from Woolwich Polytechnic, now generally known as the University of Greenwich. In 1965, while working at Standard Telecommunications Laboratories, he earned a Ph.D. in electrical design from the University of London. In late 1963, he was appointed head of the electro-optics analysis group, succeeding Karbowiak in the publish. By then, he had realized that mild loss in fibers was attributable to impurities in them. He now decided to abandon Karbowiak’s plan and started working on a brand new path.

Kao also first publicly instructed that silica glass of excessive purity is an ideal material for long vary optical communication. Charles K Kao, who is otherwise called the dad of fire optics was a Chinese electrical architect and physicist. He is the pioneer who created and utilized fiber optics in media communications.

He completed his elective schooling accordingly learning at St. Joseph’s College. Afterward, he grew to become a member of the Woolwich Polytechnic that’s presently referred to as College of Greenwich. He acquired a Bachelor of Engineering certification within charles k. kao networth the College. Then, at that time, he visited the College primarily based in london, where he acknowledged his Ph.D. in electrical designing in 1965.

In 1965, Kao with Hockham concluded that the elemental limitation for glass light attenuation is beneath 20 dB/km , which is a key threshold worth for optical communications. However, on the time of this dedication, optical fibers commonly exhibited mild loss as high as 1,000 dB/km and much more. This conclusion opened the intense race to search out low-loss supplies and appropriate fibres for reaching such standards.

Charles along together with his coworker pioneered work in creating fiber optics as a telecommunications medium. Kao worked at Standard Telecommunication Laboratories, the analysis middle of Standard Telephones and Cables in Harlow. Kao is also referred to as the godfather of broadband, the daddy of fiber optics, and the father of fiber optics communications. In 2010 Charles and Gwen Kao based the Charles K. Kao Foundation for Alzheimer’s Disease to raise public consciousness concerning the illness and provide assist for the patients.