Their vision was to build cars that could withstand the rigors of the country’s rough roads and cold temperatures. To be clear, it’s not the sportiest SUV because its engine leaves a lot to be desired. However, because it’s such a safe vehicle loaded with tons of smart safety features, the XC40 is an affordable, practical luxury SUV for families.

Another one, based on his wife’s claim, says that he was actually inspired by a newspaper ad for Coalettes which had the same bowtie outline. Several other stories about Louis Chevrolet designing the bowtie as a modified Swiss cross to honor his parents’ homeland sustain the bowtie story, which stuck throughout time. With a name not as big as the other ones on this list, Chevrolet wins through the mystery of its logo’s origins, the iconic bowtie. There are several stories as to where it comes from and what it stands for.

The ancient chemical symbol of iron it’s a circle with an arrow placed upwards to the right. The idea behind using the word “volvo” was to convey the fact that the vehicle could move , plus it’s a simple, and easy-to-remember word that can hardly be mispronounced or misspelled. If you want to know about the origin of its name, its logo, and some history about it, you might find this article interesting. The symbol in the logo is a well known alchemy symbol for iron.

As part of the agreement, Volvo would sell UD Trucks to Isuzu. The “final agreements” for the alliance were signed in October 2020, with UD Trucks white lengha sale pending on regulatory clearances. In 1950, Volvo acquired the Swedish construction and agricultural equipment manufacturer Bolinder-Munktell.

The British car maker Lotus, founded by Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman, has had its emblem since 1952, when the company Lotus Engineering Ltd. was founded. Jaguar is a powerful car brand and the logo conveys that as well. There’s nothing mysterious about the badge, which first had letters ‘SS’ in a hexagon on top of an eagle’s wings and tail, referring to the SS Jaguar produced by the Shallow Sidecar Company back in 1935. If you didn’t know yet, Infiniti is Nissan’s luxury auto brand.