They use nutritious recipes and source wholesome, local ingredients whenever possible, including cage-free chicken and organic tofu. I didn’t connect the two, but this is EXACTLY why I should have contacted them! People who are trying to stick with a whole food, plant-based, oil-free diet need convenience. If you’re new to this way of eating (or you’re making any kind of diet change), thinking about food all the time can be exhausting!

The competition within the healthy fast-casual category is fierce, and traditional fast food restaurants have increasingly incorporated nutrition and wellness into their brands. It was time to elevate the Crazy Bowls story mkx tier list and the stakes. We are both very familiar with their menu and it is one of the few places in town where I feel like I can eat nearly anything. However, they never offered a whole food, plant-based, oil-free dressing.

Some of these foods were entered by users and are subject to error. Nutritionix strives to provide you with the most accurate data. Currently, this restaurant hasn’t provided us with this information.

Starters Salads Wraps Bowls Lettuce Wraps Grain Free Bowl Kids Meals Sides Dessert Beverages Keto Bowls Gluten Free Entrees Paleo Bowls Plant Based Bowls Vegan Bowls Whole30 Bowls. Romaine, cheddar, creamy buffalo sauce with your choice of grain and protein. Risky Content density is the relationship of bad components (Cholesterol, Saturated Fat, Sugars & Sodium) to calories (%DV/cal). Nutrition density is the relationship of nutrients to calories (%DV/cal).

Because Crazy Bowls offers so many options, cashiers frequently needed to walk intimidated customers through the ordering process and options. This was slowing down the line and creating a pressured environment at the register. Looking for a Crazy Bowls and Wraps copycat recipe please! My husband & I are addicted to the jalapeno-cilantro sauce at CB&W.

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