Many other Bronte sites like the Bronte waterfall are even closer. Haworth itself, with the Bronte parsonage and museum, is about a 2.5-mile walk. There are always lots of interesting things happening in Haworth. Under no circumstance shall we have any liability to you for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use of the Directory or reliance on any information provided in the Directory. Your use of this Directory and your reliance on any information on the Directory is solely at your own risk. is the perfect website to discover the best upcoming events, parties, concerts, shows, festivals, performing arts, sports, afterworks, meetings and expositions around you, in your city and worldwide. After more than 25 years in the Bradford community, owner/operators Shawn and Robert Huber have sold the business, though Robert Huber will stay on for now as a consultant for several months as needed. You can find your account number on any recent subscription notice or bill.

This line was completed from Lake Gaston on the Virginia border to downtown Raleigh in March 1840. “Also, most times people don’t know much about the Native American history of the canyon, so we definitely talk about that, as well as the bridge and the mimic of the train station,” Confer said. “The canyon has been unchanged since the beginning of time,” says owner Brad Confer. Confer’s family has lived on the Ansonia property since 1903; Ole Covered Wagon tours is entering its ninth year of business at this location.

A corduroy road was built from logs placed side by side and then packed with dirt. Over time, the dirt would erode, leaving a very bumpy ride for wagons! Only the section leading into town was planked, leaving the other side the same old dirt road.

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If that is the case there is a good chance that this encounter was recorded in someones journal. There are multiple ways to get to the Covered Wagon Ruin depending upon your direction of travel. If coming from the north you can turn off of US miles south of Monticello onto the unmarked graveled Montezuma Creek Road, CR-187, and follow it south for 31.1 miles.