Needless to say, it did not end well for this friend. As social networks rely more on paid promotion of content, celebrities realise they can buy their way to virality and big business muscles in, the happenstance cone health my chart login viral hit is going to become a rare delight. The photo was originally taken by Serghei Platanov, who then posted it to Shutterstock on 23 June 2015 with the title “eggs isolated on white background”.

Apple’s website went down and it’s live stream crashed for almost a half-hour at the start of the event. Fortunately, when Apple released its new Yosemite operating system a month later, they didn’t experience the same kinds of problems. That was the party line from Best Buy spokeswoman Amy von Walter, after the company’s website failed in the late morning hours of Black Friday 2014. With that, Best Buy joins Motorola, Kohls, and a short but elite list of brands who have struggled to keep up with the mass of frenzied online holiday shoppers. Clerosis, often referred to as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease.” When all was said and done, the Ice Bucket Challenge raised over $100M – a feat that, in that sense, demonstrated that the Internet is anything but broken. This phenomenon was the perfect storm of crowdfunding, social media, and a sense of purpose.

Whatever the reason, Paper created an overnight sensation by prominently featuring the butt that launched a thousand memes. A photo of a giraffe with dwarfism has been used online multiple times, although giraffes, like other animals, can have dwarfism, this photo is actually fake. If we could make a list of the internet’s most beloved topics, weird animals would definitely have their place in the top 10.

Rihanna is one of those people with a knack for breaking the Internet. Appearing on the cover of a small-circulation magazine proved to be a brave and brilliant move for Kardashian. Those familiar with Paper as an indie magazine were shocked by the choice of this mainstream star. Those new to Paper were beguiled, wondering what the queen of reality TV, gossip talkshows and social media was doing on the cover of a publication they had never heard of. It caught people off-balance, made them look twice and led many to speculate that either she was paid or we were paid.

And let’s not forget the Kimojis, a set of over 250 emoji renderings and gifs inspired by her own life, which launched in December and almost broke the App store. Following an Instagram Star Supreme Patty’s crew member’s drunken bragging to a TMZ reporter, her claim was called out. A marketer, Ishan Goel, called several news outlets claiming the egg and its success.

It’s a hot twerking, hip hop affair featuring the Auckland, New Zealand based ReQuest Dance Crew. The group have been catapulted into the stratosphere with the video. The song is catchy, Bieber’s vocals are, well, Bieber’s vocals, and those girls are just plain colorful, hot and infectious. For those of you who are curious, all the girls wore the same lipstick.

Have you ever laughed so much you genuinely feared for your life? Well, if you have, you’re not alone as this happened to us after we came across these hysterical photos. Some are just plain dumb, while others will present you with a comic ingenuity that not even a Netflix Original drama starring Amy Schumer could match. “Let’s play a game,” a user posted on Facebook in 2016 along with this photo. As Skye showed in her video, by blurring the image until the details disappeared, you can see the larger picture.

She got as lot of praise and a lot of flack for that comment. It caused a storm, of sort, with women taking sides on Twitter and Instagram after the model posted it on her Instagram page. She claims to have had only three hours sleep the night before. Somebody who looks that good on almost no sleep outrages us big time.

But we are saddened that even the good things that happen on the Internet have a tendency to fad themselves out. It’s interesting to note that the Internet – at least in Sochi – was LITERALLY BROKEN in the days leading up to the event, as one reporter writes. Kim Kardashian and the editors of Paper Magazine would probably like to remember November 12, 2014 as the day the Internet broke.

The video documented the first meetings between complete strangers who were asked to kiss on camera. However, the real story of Sochi was what the Internet showed us. Despite all the money spent on infrastructure development, the Internet revealed significant problems. For weeks leading up to the event we were shown all sorts of issues, especially with the sleeping quarters for athletes and journalists.