When comparing how much of the fee is returned to the Thoroughbred industry, it ranks last. For an on-track $20 Belmont wager, the NY Thoroughbred industry receives $14.50 approx. I missed this when it was implemented and I did not read any negative response from the racing press at that time.

Two harness tracks alone were both paid almost four times what these breeders collected. The New York Racing Association is highly dependent on the New York State breeders to fill fields in NY-bred races, open company and Graded stakes races. Clearly, the big issue was who would own the customer, which we proposed could be solved by sign-ups or some geographic rules. Unfortunately, each regional OTB decided that it was not interested in partnering with NYRA on an internet account wagering business.

I hired Travers as the director of hospitality for all NYRA operations. It is also important to realize and appreciate that a strong, live racing program is the lifeblood of a successful Thoroughbred industry. However, there are privates ones that you can book rides with. So when you arrive at the airport, simply order a ride online to transport you to the location. This is a good way to get to the Nassau Downs OTB – Carle Place sportsbook in comfort and style. It is necessary for anybody who is interested in visiting this Nassau Downs OTB – Carle Place, New York sportsbook to know the directions to take.

There are no other amenities found at the Nassau Downs OTB – Carle Place establishment, asides from those for playing horse racing bets, so there are no other services to enjoy. So anytime you visit, you should be sure that you can only play horse racing bets and nothing else. More significantly, in both Tuxedo and Zagoreos, the conflicts of interests on the part of the public officials were clear and obvious. In Tuxedo, the residential development had been hotly debated for three years, as it would result in increasing the town’s population more than four hundred percent. Preliminary matters, including SEQRA, had been referred to the planning board, and while that body was actively considering it, it became clear that a study would not be concluded by January 1, 1978. In December 1977, the “lame duck” town board passed a local law transferring authority over the development from the planning board to the town board.

It has nineteen branch offices, and also owns and operates Batavia Downs racetrack and casino. Capital District Regional Off-Track Betting Corporation covers sixteen counties and the cities of Albany and Schenectady. It has 33 branch locations, including its flagship Clubhouse Race Book in Albany. In view of the evidence of a potential conflict of interest, a preliminary injunction was necessary to avoid the appearance of impropriety to maintain public confidence in the administration of government (see, 1999 Opns.Atty.Gen. 42; 1999 Opns.Atty.Gen. 21).

Accordingly, Peterson did not make a sufficient showing as to conflicts of interest. Also, his reliance on Matter of Tuxedo Conservation & Taxpayers Assn. v. Town Bd. Of Town of Tuxedo, 69 A.D.2d 320, 418 N.Y.S.2d 638, and Matter of Zagoreos v. Conklin, 109 A.D.2d 281, 491 N.Y.S.2d 358, is misplaced. Those cases are distinguishable on the all-important factor of whether the questioned official benefited directly and individually from the action that was taken. Thus, Peterson was required to demonstrate a likelihood of success on the merits by making a prima facie showing, at least by affidavits, if not by testimony, of conflicts of interest.

Each of the OTB corporations accepts wagers at a number of full-service branch locations, at self-service terminals located in restaurants and bars, and by telephone and Internet. It is not at all clear that, if the Nassau County Legislature appoints a successor to Peterson, Peterson could retain his seat by seeking injunctive relief at that time. The granting of a preliminary injunction preserves the status quo, avoids such procedural uncertainties, and preserves confidence in government. “he equities lie in favor of preserving the status quo while the legal issues are determined in a deliberate and judicial manner” (State of New York v. City of New York, supra). Further, even if we assume, without evidence, that Peterson will not be reappointed to the board of directors of the Nassau OTB as a result of Corbin’s decisive vote, this could not be considered irreparable harm. Notably, Peterson holds that position as the result of his appointment by that same legislative body and continues in that position at the pleasure of that body (see, Racing, Pari-Mutuel Wagering and Breeding Law § 502 ).

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