This course will teach students, step by step, how to install a WordPress website, launch it and create a blog of their own. One final check before we approve the garment as ready to reach your door step. A check for stain, proper cleaning and proper ironing. After spotting, the garments are cleaned as per their texture. The Swiss laundry follows two techniques of cleaning- Dry clean and Wet wash. Dry clean is further divided into perc dry cleaning and hydrocarbon dry cleaning.

Sandra is one of the first Swiss bloggers and has a steady curriculum in fashion. Since both Kristina Bazan and Xenia Tchoumi are hardly in Switzerland, she is often the biggest star and fashion at Zurich events. Alison Liaudat launched her fashion blog, Bang Bang Blond, in 2013 to share her own views on fashion. Oliver is a male model who first started blogging out of a love for fashion, while Moritz is a photographer. At first Moritz was a skeptic about his brother’s blogging, but now he takes many of the photos that appear on their blog.

Many of these things are also hard to measure, because for sure a fashion blog’s owner won’t let us access to their analytics or bank account. So I base my chart on social media following, which is what everybody can clearly see and measure. Kristina Bazan is a hugely popular Swiss fashion blogger, with her blog Kayture now very much an international brand. Her love for Switzerland and passion for photography are also evident in her blog and social media feeds making her a worthy blogger to follow for those interested in gorgeous imagery.

Her Instagram page is a good example of how bloggers can support fashion brands in the best way possible. Chanel is an often mentioned brand on her Instagram profile. With pictures such as the one shown above, she promotes in a discrete way brands such as Miu Miu, Prada and many others.

Let’s talk about the famous beauty blogger– “She is the one” a Swiss fashion blogger who just showcases fashion and other styling tips on her website. In the launch time, the goal was to endorse Swiss fashion and designers but as the website gained, several other sections were added i.e. Beauty, look shopping, DIY, Mix, Jewellery, an event also food. If you really desire to find out more about a DIY or easy fashion that is fun and chic, elegant, don’t miss this Swiss Fashion blogger. Nel-Olivia is a Swiss fashion blogger specialised in luxury and also owns a marketing company – she works with top brands and writes a column for Forbes.

Agreed, it was highly informative but it is equally essential for all to know what exactly does a laundry do? The Swiss Laundry aims at upgrading lifestyle which it will achieve through the service it provides. Until 1st of july, we did not have a clear idea open relationship meme of what exactly blogger’s meet meant. But we knew it was important to educate the mass about the textile care sector and they were the best for this purpose. Aside from that, loving the fold-down skirt. Super cute, you’re looking more adorable than ever.

Check out what Kristina Bazan of Kayture had to say when we asked her our five questions. How to read a blog and contribute to it. Analysis and construction of a perfect blog post. Where and how to find material to write an article. How to find keywords, use the Google keywords planner tool, choose a title, a subtitle, and which/how many photos to enter. Anni fromFashionhippieloves has around 914’936 Instagram followers.