As well as a very cool name, AlienTube offers some decent features too. It effortlessly combines the two platforms and replaces the worst of one with the best of the other. Threaddit takes the best part of Reddit and makes it more. As the name suggests, it changes the comment threads so they are within a single comment. This makes it so much easier to follow comments, especially the more popular posts whose comments run into dozens of the hundreds.

This content is not available due to your privacy preferences. Update your settings here, then reload the page to see it. YouTube’s comment section is notorious for its cruelty, racism, profanity, and general trolling. It’s often an unpleasant place to be, but now you can banish it from your life. AlienTube is a new extension for Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera that replaces your normal YouTube comments with Reddit comments. The new version of youtube has some annoying bugs for me so I didn’t mind the revert.

I know that’s not the right thing to do but there are many users who add links only for spamming purposes. Once the extension is installed from the Chrome Web Store, the extension automatically works without the user having to do anything. Whatfont is handy when, solange nose job well… you want to know what font a website is using. It’s a tool-tip style overlay that gives you the font of the hovered element. Clicking the elements gives you more information, like the font size, line height, where the font is served, the hex, etc.

Is a text-to-speech application that can convert any online text into audio. Users can highlight the text they want read out to them and choose the speed, language, and even accent of the playback audio. RescueTime keeps a track of the time spent on each active tab in Chrome, thereby providing an accurate picture of how you spend your time. A great tool for those who want to improve their time management and increase productivity.

Users can play around with more options by going to the extensions page & selecting Options under AlienTube for YouTube. We will be happy to review & link your Youtube Project above. With over 350,000 active users, a nearly perfect star rating. The only issue is that the font is very small and not adjustable. Otherwise works well even with the new Youtube layout. When I minimize a comment it just disappears, and I can’t get it back if I say want to reread something or pressed it by accident.

If you have ever used TweetDeck, the look is very similar. It makes it easy to browser different categories, follow different conversations and some added features too. Like RES, the Reditr Client App also has an account switcher with RES integration. It also has a chat client, gallery mode for picture posts and different themes. If you’re an avid Reddit user, you might want to consider replacing YouTube’s default comments with Reddit threads.

If you don’t know how, simply follow the steps listed below. You can ask for ideas, suggestions and even practical day-to-day advices. It’s also a place wherein you’re free to talk about various things that sparks your interest. You’re even free to share your comments on random photos and videos including those that were originally posted on YouTube and other media sharing sites.

Reddit is known for its simplicity, and yes, the leaderboard-based simple link and text system works. The Xmarks Bookmark Sync extension will come handy for those of you who have a ton of bookmarks saved on your browser which you need to access from different systems. It backs up and syncs your bookmarks which can then be opened across various computers and browsers. Users can also organise and alter their tasks using Taco. It is by no means exhaustive , and is intended to complement other legitimate online lists. This is a list of items that is designed to help with the analysis of HijackThis, DDS, OTL and FRST logs.