In fact, using mobile phones to create and publish videos to YouTube is now the fastest-growing way creators use the platform! Manage video production timelines, tasks, storyboards, shot lists, breakdowns, call sheets. Ultra-minimalism is also an option for your YouTube video intro. Aperture, for example, usually start their videos with a just name card.

Multipurpose of the template is seen at once as it has no boundaries in editing. Truly summer template is the perfect one for your travel channel. You can add images or video to make it even more modern and positive. Inspiring beats in the soundtrack are clear and sharp, so the idea of your channel will be easily recognized from the first several seconds.

Option to save the video in a high-quality format. Wide range of tools for different categories of videos. Ability to save the video in a high-quality format. Includes abstract effects and large stock library. Automatically attaches branding elements as per settings.

You’ll find plenty of brilliant template options from free intro maker PlaceIt. To help you get started, you can tailor your search options to what is the most important consideration for environmental policy makers specific categories such as clothing brands, fitness, musician, football, real estate. Whatever your niche is, they’ve got something for you.

If you’ve edited multiple clips together or if you’ve added music and a simple title slide to your intro, line those cuts up to match the pace of your music. If you have a yoga or meditation YouTube channel, keep the movement of your intro slow and fluid. A fast-paced intro could be jarring if it precedes a mindful meditation tutorial video, but it could be the perfect fit for a high-energy fitness channel.

You want the channel art, video intro, and the YouTube bio to work together. You can always do a rebrand or refresh later if your channel changes or your personal taste develops. So bright and positive, that it’s impossible to stand downloading this!

Why should you create an intro when you should be producing new content? With the help of templates, you might be surprised how easy it can be. On YouTube, your viewer has so many options lurking in the sidebar for related videos. Short attention spans mean that a YouTube intro has never been more important. You can create a YouTube channel introduction easily, with the help of a template for Premiere, and in this tutorial you’ll learn how.