Taking on a new client, you have to decide what you’ll do and how far you’ll go to solve the case. You’ll also have to pilot through asteroid fields, examine ancient artifacts, rickey stokes local news and solve puzzles to proceed. The gameplay itself is effortless as you only have to turn your head to shoot your weapons, direct your ship, and make the right decisions.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t worth playing, although it probably isn’t worth unlocking the unlimited version. It’s fun to move about and the shooting’s okay until the novelty wears off. However, if you really want to shoot zombies in virtual reality you’d be better off with Steam VR on Mac or PC. We laughed at the YouTube review that suggested it was more of a “looking at zombies” app than a shooting game. Quite a lot of VR games are more about the VR than the game, and Zombie Shooter VR definitely falls into that category. While VR experiences such as PSVR’s Rush of Blood or Steam’s Left 4 Dead in VR Mode make good use of VR’s immersion to scare you silly, Zombie Shooter VR doesn’t.

Some of its features include high-quality lenses, PD and FD adjustment knob, active button support, and comfortable fit. The head strap is also comfortable and doesn’t hurt your head or ears. Also, you can adjust pupil and focal distance to get perfect picture clarity. It is slightly on a higher price scale compared to other products.

There are a lot of high-quality virtual reality games available for the iPhone. Let’s take a look at the top 15 best VR games for iPhone, that don’t involve Google cardboard. You can’t use devices like the Samsung Gear VR with the iPhone. That’s because they require that you plug your smartphone into the headset and the iPhone’s Lightning connector isn’t compatible with the micro-USB plugs those headsets use.

The Samsung Gear VR headset includes a feature that lets you move through menus and select content in VR by tapping the side of the headset. Nothing quite like that exists for iPhone, but some iPhone-compatible VR apps let you select items by focusing an onscreen target on them for a short period of time. If you want to sample virtual reality without spending loads of cash, a VR headset built for smartphones is the best option.

Thick cushioning around the eyes play a pivotal role in extending your long run. And yes, there are also blue lenses to fully protect your eyes. You can feel what it’s like to sit next to Lego Batman in the Batmobile as you drive around Gotham City. Join the audience to listen to an orchestra perform a Mozart concerto. You can even sit at a table in a fictional scenario as drug dealers play Russian Roulette.

If you want to use one, you’ll need to enable the option in the Graphics settings menu — either way, you will need a controller. Action and outer space seem like a perfect fit for VR, and End Space VR proves it. You’re the fighter pilot, tasked with eliminating wave after wave of alien attackers.