There are a couple of enhancements to the screen for this generation. It’s 25 percent brighter, Apple claims (we’ve not been overwhelmed by this in practice, although it does seem a little clearer for viewing in sunlight), and has a wider colour gamut. Out of 24 models tested by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety earlier this year, 21 were rated “superior” due to their ability to automatically apply brakes to avoid a crash. Apple had a huge 2014, both financially and physically, with the introduction its larger-sized smartphones, the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus. Despite Apple’s avoidance of size and form factor increase for years, the move proved to be a huge success for the company, with 10 million iPhones sold within their first weekend of availability in September.

It also offers eyesight protection so that your long gaming doesn’t make your eyes burn. An exploded view of the headset shows the many layers that went into it’s design.The case itself looks like a finely-crafted Apple product by design, as it is meant to seamlessly fit into the Apple ecosystem. With a hinge made out of the same grade aluminum as the Macbook Pro, and over 40 pieces intricately put and ultrasonically fused together, there is a lot more than meets the eye with Figment. Despite adding a pair of lenses on a spring loaded lever, the case manages to stay thin and light, adding slightly more bulk than a standard phone case would . In short it is a product that seems like it would fit on the shelf amongst other Apple products.

The virtual reality headset features three types of Fresnel optical glasses lenses which can be used by both – children and adults. Those with normal vision can choose the lowest diopters while those who are nearsighted can opt for the suitable diopter glasses. ZiKon 3D VR glasses are the perfect choice for the users who wish to enhance their 360-degree viewing experience.

The soft leather edges, comfortable design and the headset that perfectly fits on any face are the prime advantages of using ZiKon 3D VR headset. Touch buttons and a controller are included in the Pansonite VR Headset, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in VR games. You can also use it to adjust the volume and answer incoming calls. The amazing sound field technology used here creates a truly immersive sound effect for fantastic audio. We must say, however, that the high-resolution lenses look fantastic and provide one of the best smartphone VR video and gaming experiences available.

A viewer can look around, but cannot interact beyond navigating from place to place by staring at a spot long enough. Some iPhone VR game apps appear more interactive, but they remain essentially guided rather than immersive, with participants unable to create their own paths. It is winifer fernandez news difficult to describe in words what real VR is, but perhaps the best explanation is its feels like reality. Watch this video from HTC and Valve to get a better sense of what VR is like on a high-end platform and how it differs from what you may have already experienced on an iPhone.