That said, I like your ideas, and your crafting recipes make sense without being overly expensive or too easy to make. It could have a lower chance of giving anything, making them less productive then sieves, and only give non-organic materials. Ores could only come in nuggets, meaning you need 9 to make an ingot, and you can’t use the hammer to get more metal. Apparently the early game ore smelting block is a crucible with no UI, that kills you if you try to interact with it when it’s hot.

You can swim in lava without being instantly killed but if you burn your hand you die apparently. I have a bunch of COFH ore configs I used for Progress on 1.12 you can use as a starting point if you want. Of course, that will only apply if you’re using the same mods that generate ore.

An alternative too automatic sieving that you can leave and forget, there’s the option to have it be semi-automatic. A machine that only processes a stack of material at a time, and takes a decent while too run. But when it finishes you need to set it back up manually. Like refill the machine with flint, or put in a fresh villager, or something like that. A function that isn’t just build and forget.

It appears as a glass box with a little person inside. “Consider that auto sifting in combination with ProjectE would really break the back.” Consider that auto sifting in combination with ProjectE would really break the back. Sounds like we’re talking about a program, right? Like I said, we’re talking about an automatic program that can do things that you can’t do manually.

With the conversion wand, you can select something such as dead saplings which allows you to instantly mine a large area of blocks. In conjunction with the horn of the canopy, this makes tree farming very quick and easy. I’ve seen it mentioned in a lot of places and I’ve heard it referenced on social media. It’s pretty obvious and is quite successful because it automatically performs its task once a day based on your data. Beyond that, I agree with other posters that you’re moving well into the realm of an Ex Nihilo automation addon mod, but with a design that doesn’t quite feel like ExN. I agree, these concepts seem better suited to an add-on than to being part of Ex Nihilo itself.

The Sieve has an internal inventory of 20 slots to hold output. It consumes 40 RF/t over 10 seconds to perform a single operation – consuming 8000 RF to sift one block. If supplied with excess RF it will buffer up to 64 RF.

Don’t throw Ash away, you will need lots of it later. This can be changed in the controls under the category “StepUp” which will toggle between the Vanilla auto-jump, stepup, and off. But you would never bother to do chickens if you had Ex Compressum or Creatio’s own automation.

As for eliminating dupes without touching configs, good luck. If you have Thermal Foundation, you can use its worldgen configs to force specific ores to gen. Just make sure you turn off summed stress score chart gen for your dupe ores in the other mods. In a related matter, how do I get water in Stoneblock? I presume one the 200 mods will let me turn bones into water buckets or something.

The quest book in Stoneblock is pretty light. It definitely helps to have some existing knowledge on stuff, especially things like Ex Nihilo. Like, there’s a super early, no-RF power way to automate sifting, but if you hadn’t played Exoria you might not know. Gregtech (well, GT5 at least, I don’t have experience with GT6) has neat ore generation and very cool ore processing with a lot of flexibility in optimizing for byproducts. Unfortunately it’s dragged screaming into the abyss by hellish time sinks, too many crafting steps, and there’s the whole “make one mistake with cables, blow up your entire base” thing.

The Vanilla Immersion crafting tables have JEI support, click the “question mark” icon to bring up the interface. The Auto Sieve has an input slot that holds a stack of material. An additional slot takes an optional Enchanted Book.