The Company’s independent, non-executive chairman is Nigel Rich and alongside him on the Board are Richard Moffitt, Jonathan Gray, Mark Johnson and Bruce Anderson as non-executive directors. The Directors collectively have over 100+ years’ experience in real estate, corporate finance, debt and capital markets.

The Management Team consists of Richard Moffitt and Christopher Turner. Christopher has over 25 years’ experience in real estate investment and asset management. He has a track record in the acquisition and performance monitoring of real estate across the UK and European markets; including office, industrial and retail real estate. His focus is on detailed attention to tenant requirements and overall asset management.

The Company is supported by its Manager, Pacific Capital Partners Limited, which is part of the wider Pacific Investments Group, a Group formed in 1993 by Sir John Beckwith and Mark Johnson following the sale of London & Edinburgh Trust Plc.

Pacific Investments have been the founder and incubator of a number of successful asset management businesses and will provide the Company with operational support, strategic oversight and access to a wide network of investors and business contacts. The Company’s proven track record is detailed below:

London & Edinburgh Trust PLC 1971 Global real estate £925 million 44% [1] 9.8x
Portfolio Holdings 1993 UK real estate £150 million 35% 3.2x
Property Mezzanine Partners 1995 UK real estate £178 million 23% 1.8x
AIG French Property Fund 1998 French real estate €754 million 22% 1.7x
Europa Capital Partners (Europa Fund I) 1999 European real estate €1,515 million 10% [2] 1.5x
Alpha Real Capital 2005 Global real estate €730 million 155.9% 13.2x
Trinity River Developments 2013 Dublin prime residential €32.1 million 89.5% [3] 2.9x

[1] IRR from IPO in 1983 to sale in 1990: includes 88% ownership of LET Pacific.
[2] The 10% IRR represents the forecast return of the fund which has fully realised twelve out of fourteen investments made.
[3] IRR represents combined Pacific and related party returns.