2017 . . .

Acquisition Announcement 20th January 2017
Issue of Equity 2nd February 2017
Acquisition Announcement 7th March 2017
Issue of Equity 5th May 2017
Change of Advisor 16th May 2017
Preliminary Results 23rd May 2017
Report & Accounts Posting and Annual Expense Cap 12th June 2017
Result of AGM 6th July 2017
Proposed Placing 14th July 2017
Results of Placing 31st July 2017
Results of GM and Completion of Placing 16th August 2017
TR-1 Pacific Concert Party 17th August 2017
TR-1 Rathbone 17th August 2017
TR-1 Killik 17th August 2017
Issue of Equity 17th August 2017
TR-1 Allianz 18th August 2017
TR-1 Blankstone Sington 18th August 2017
TR-1 Disclosure - Charles Stanley & Co. 21st August 2017
TR-1 Premier 5th October 2017
Total Leverage Employed 10th October 2017
TR-1 Killik 13th October 2017
Acquisition Announcement 10th November 2017
Disposal Announcement 17th November 2017
Interim Results 20th November 2017
Portfolio acquisition, asset acquisition and declaration of interim dividend 22nd December 2017

2016 . . .

Admission to AIM and First Day of Dealings 13th April 2016
Acquisition of M1 Portfolio 14th April 2016
Trading Update 7th October 2016
Circular 9th November 2016
Form of Proxy 9th November 2016
Interim Results 9th November 2016
Placing Announcement 9th November 2016
Result of General Meeting 25th November 2016
TR-1 J M Finn 29th November 2016
TR-1 M C Trustees 29th November 2016
TR-1 Charles Stanley 29th November 2016
TR-1 Pacific Concert Party 29th November 2016
TR-1 Investec 29th November 2016